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Rolemance Return Policy


Rolemance has a 14-day return policy for unused products.

When you receive a product, please retain all packaging information and material until you have an opportunity to inspect the product.

If you receive the wrong product, or a product that is damaged, or the wrong color or size, we want to make it right.

All returns should be sent directly to the supplier.

Products must be returned to the supplier within 14 days of the time they are received by you.

Because Rolemance initially provided you with free shipping of the product, you will be responsible for return shipping to the supplier.


After shipping a product to the supplier, please also fill out the Return Form on our site so that we are aware of the return and can assist with any issue that might arise.  Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with your product and, where possible, receive a new product or appropriate refund.

Please note that all returns must be completed within 14-days of receiving the product.

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