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Role playing is about having fun with your partner.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

SimSimple Rules for Role Playing.

  1. Have fun.

  2. Have a safe word.  A word that means, no matter what, it is time to stop.

  3. Respect your partner.

  4. Discuss beforehand the level to which you will be “in character.”  It can be unsatisfying if one person is taking it more seriously than the other.

  5. Give your imagination some credit.  A couple of kitchen chairs worked perfectly as the cockpit of a plane when you were a kid, there’s no reason they won’t work now.

  6. Have fun.

NOTE: For simplicity’s sake, the following scenarios are written as if the participating couple is comprised of a man and a woman.  Obviously, these are just outlines of ideas, and the scenarios can be adapted to conform to whatever type of relationship you’re in.  Please do not interpret the use of these particular pronouns as anything more than a desire to be efficient.  

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"Need A Ride?"

Head down to the mall or some big box store with a large parking lot.  Drop your partner off in the middle of the parking lot, then circle back around a few minutes later.  Your partner is now a stranger who can’t remember where she parked.  You stop and offer to drive her around the parking lot in search of her car.  She senses that you might have ulterior motives, but she thinks you’re cute, so she climbs in.  You try and charm her as you weave slowly through the maze of cars.  She seems more interested in flirting than actually finding her car.  Eventually, she remembers where she parked.  In her driveway.  She had taken a ride share to the store because she had consumed a few drinks.  She asks if you wouldn’t mind still taking her to her car.  You oblige.  When you arrive at her place, she suggests you might want to come inside for a few drinks, as compensation for your troubles.  Obviously, you accept.


Ride Share

He pulls up to the curb at the entrance of the bar and she slides into the back seat.  He confirms the address with her as he accelerates out of the parking lot.  She makes herself comfortable and engages in the usual small talk about how long he’s been a ride-share driver, can you actually make a living doing it, etc.  Eventually she shifts topics.  “The worst part about going to a bar by myself is that I get really horny when I’m drunk.”  He watches in the mirror as she makes herself more comfortable.  “You don’t mind if I take care of this, do you?”   Keeping eye contact with him in the mirror, she takes a toy from her purse and begins to pleasure herself.   Realizing he can’t really see everything she is doing, she decides to give him a play-play description of what she is doing with the toy and how it is making her feel.   His goal is to try and get her home before she orgasms, her goal is to orgasm before she gets home.


House Rules

Leaning over the pool table at a local bar, he places the white ball just where he wants it.  As he applies a generous amount of chalk to the tip of his cue stick, he notices a woman at the bar looking him up and down.  He works his way around the table, making a few shots as they continue to eye each other.  Eventually, she makes her way over.  “Looks like you need someone to play with,” she suggests.  “Sure, but you should know about the house rules,” he responds.  He goes on to explain that anytime one of them scratches (hits the cue ball into a pocket), they have to kiss.  She agrees to the terms and they start a game.  The two strangers get to know each other better as they explain how they each ended up alone in a bar.  It’s hard to tell which of them is intentionally scratching more than the other.  Eventually, neither of them are satisfied with just kissing, and she accepts his offer to see the pool table at his house. 


Good Cop? Bad Cop?

The front door opens and the officer forcefully pushes the cuffed woman into the house.  “Aren’t we supposed to go the police station?” the concerned woman asks.  “Too much paperwork at the station,” the officer responds gruffly.   Taking her by the arm, the police offer leads her to the stairs that lead up to the bedrooms.  “I’m not going up there,” the woman yells as she tries to resist.”  Taking a key from his belt, the officer unlocks one of the cuffs from one of her wrists.  “No, you’re not going up there,” he declares as he snaps the cuff onto one of the posts of the stair rail.  She is now a prisoner in her own house.   “The best part about arresting a beautiful woman is searching her for weapons.”  The office then begins his full-body search.  The resistance level of the woman is to be determined…


Professor Knows Best

“But Professor, if I don’t get an ‘A’ in this class, I’ll never get into medical school,” the young college student declares. Looking disapprovingly at her way-too-short school uniform skirt, the professor is unmoved.  “Maybe if you spent more time looking at your books and less time looking at the ceiling, you wouldn’t be in this spot.”  The sexy student defends herself by explaining that, as an assistant recruiter for the university’s football team, she sees it as her duty to make sure the entire football team is satisfied with their college experience.  “It’s not my fault they give out 85 scholarships,” she says in her sexiest voice.  After she explains in great detail what she does to support college athletics, the professor finally agrees there might be some extra-credit work she could do in his class to earn the “A” she so desperately wants.


Home Inspection

She is just getting out of the shower when the doorbell rings.  After quickly wrapping her wet hair in a towel and throwing on a robe, she answers the door.  Standing on the porch is one of the local firemen.  After several unfortunate house fires, the fire station decided to embark on a campaign to remind people of the importance of actually changing the batteries on their smoke detectors, rather than stuffing them in a drawer to hide the annoying beep.  When the fireman offers to inspect all the smoke detectors in the house, she quickly accepts.  It seems the sash holding her robe closed is getting looser with each room they enter.  By the time they get to the smoke detector in the master bedroom, her robe isn’t closed at all.


Mystery Man

She is cuffed, spread-eagle on the bed.  Until he put the blindfold on her, she was wearing nothing at all.  “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he whispers as he kisses her gently.  Leaving her with a well-placed vibrator between her legs, he quickly changes his shirt, splashes on a new brand of cologne, and pulls a silicone mask over his head.  In the dim mood light coming from the behind the headboard of the bed, it is a passable disguise as a stranger.  He removes the blindfold from the naked body on the bed.  “Your husband got called into work, so he asked me to take care of you.”  Cuffed to the bed, there is nothing she can do as the stranger has his way with her.


Insurance Exam

He sits at his kitchen table as the nurse places her bag on the chair next to him.  “Nothing to worry about, this is just a routine exam that is part of every application for life insurance.”  She takes a blood pressure cuff from her bag.  “Let’s start with the easy stuff.”  He begins to roll up a sleave of his shirt, but she stops him.  “Actually, I’m going to need you to take the shirt all the way off.”  He obliges.  The sexy nurse then wraps the blood pressure cuff around his arm and inflates it.  “Your blood pressure seems kinda low, we should probably try and raise it.”   Slowly, she unbuttons the front of her nursing outfit.  “Feeling anything?  He shakes his head.  Kneeling in between his legs, she unzips his pants.  “How about now?  Is that blood pressure going up yet?”  He shakes his head again.  The nurse takes it upon herself to figure out what she needs to do to increase the blood pressure of her examinee.


Batteries Included

Seems like every time she stays in a hotel, something is broken.  This time it’s the television.  Finally, there is a knock on the door.  “Maintenance,” the voice on the other side of the door announces.  She opens the door and invites him in.  She explains that the tv won’t even turn on.  After a cursory inspection of the tv, the repair man examines the remote control and discovers there are no batteries.  “I’ll, have to go get some batteries, I’ll be right back.”  She reaches into her suitcase and pulls out a vibrator.  “Actually, you can just use the batteries from this.”  Unsure about whether the batteries are powerful enough to run a tv remote, the repairman convinces her to demonstrate how much power the batteries can generate when left inside the vibrator.  She naively agrees and turns on the vibrator.  Still not convinced, the repairman talks her into using the vibrator a variety of ways to fully discover the strength of the batteries.  

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