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Make sex more comfortable, more fun, and more frequent! This positioning pillow inflates easily with an included pump, creating a soft and sturdy piece of sex furniture to play with! Four handles give both partners options to hold onto while engaging in a wild ride of passion! The velvety material will feel luxurious against your body as you bend over the pillow, lean back against it, or get creative with your hottest moves!

It is portability means you can take it on the road to turn any trip into a sensual getaway! Measurements 30 inches in length, 11 inches in height, 18 inches in width. Materials Vinyl, polyurethane PU. Color Black. Note pump included. Holds up to 300 pounds.
- Brand : Frisky
- Length : 30.00
- UPC : 848518025388
- Length: 30.0 in

Mount Me Inflatable Sex Position Pillow Black

SKU: 848518025388-27005945
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